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Venus makes Libra dogs indecisive and a little ADD. They are difficult to train due to their inability to pay attention for long periods of time. Libra dogs are loving and pleasant but need gentle discipline in order to feel secure.

If you want a dog that will just go with the flow and deal with complete chaos, a Libra dog is not for you. Structure is a must. Libras also have irregular eating habits. They tend to eat only when they want to. The sign of Scorpio is the Scorpion which is ruled by the planet Pluto.

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Scorpio is a water sign and highly emotional. The Scorpio dog is robust and strong willed. They usually get what they want and are very influential over other dogs and people. Scorpios need daily exercise to help relieve stress and like their fellow Libra they crave structure. Without structure, the Scorpio dog will take advantage of everyone and everything he or she comes in contact with. These dogs are extremely intuitive and never forget when they have been wronged. A Scorpio dog is a friend of solitude but also enjoys good company, especially yours. They love to be fawned over and groomed.

The sign of Sagittarius is the Archer which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarius is a fire sign that loves a challenge.

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The glass is always half full for a dog with their sign in Sagittarius. These dogs are happy, outgoing and kind.

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You have to watch your Sagittarius dog around others because they have a tendency to get picked on. They love to get physical affection and feel they are your one true love. If you are not careful, this trait can turn into separation anxiety. The Sagittarius dog craves companionship and loves to have another dog or animal in the house. The sign of Capricorn is the Goat which is ruled by the planet Saturn. Saturn is an earth sign and one of the most grounded signs of the Zodiac. This makes Capricorn dogs clean, refined, and intense with a mind of their own. They love to run around and exercise.

If they are forced into getting step-siblings, they may take time to get used to them. The sign of Aquarius is the Water Bearer which is ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarius is an air sign and happens to be the most intelligent and intuitive sign in the zodiac. Aquarians are unpredictable and can go from zero to sixty in about two seconds. These dogs are also difficult at times in that they like to do what they want to do when they want to do it.

What makes us adore them is that they are extremely loving and love others. The Aquarian dog is perfect if you want them to be a companion to another dog, cat or chicken! They will be game to whomever you pair them up with. However, Aquarians need their space and alone time to plot and plan their next amazing surprise and just when you least expect it they will dazzle you. The sign of Pisces is the Fish which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Pisces is a water sign and mixed with the air of Jupiter, you get a dog with a magical sensitivity. Fresh, fairly priced, atmospheric the kind of place you could visit frequently, budget aside.

They came into the light because they were being lectured to by the lording Loud Australians. What is it about the fermented grape that fires our imaginations, arouses our passions? For the Top list I use a point scoring system.

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As we slowly kill ourselves with fast food, I remember the simpler diet of working-class Australia. This delicious cake is made with sour cream and oil rather than butter, giving it a moist texture and good depth of flavour.

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When a visitor rings your doorbell, it automatically takes a mugshot and sends it to your phone. Libra: Assume you need more of everything. Read more. Leo: Time to treat yourself to an intense and extended phase of self-care Read more. Aries: Stay away from people who might be inclined to fling negative feedback Read more.

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Virgo: Your number one therapy in the coming weeks? Watching animals. Taurus: You need life to kick your ass in just the right gentle way Read more.